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While these resources broadly reflect and agree with the doctrinal basis of Free in Christ Ministries, we do not necessarily endorse each and every statement made in these resources. We offer these resources as tools for those seeking to engage with a range of current viewpoints on biblical sexuality.

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Biblical basics

image of the cover of the book is god anti gay

Is God Anti-Gay? And Other Questions about Jesus, the Bible, and Same-Sex Sexuality (2nd edition)

Sam Allberry, 2023

The book is an excellent and highly readable introduction to the SSA question, and is divided into five chapters: Jesus on sexuality, facing same sex attraction as a Christian, same-sex sexuality and the Church, same-sex sexuality and the world today, and same sex relationships and the Bible. The question, "Is God Anti-Gay?" is a heady one that Allberry answers cogently and with sensitivity. The answer, briefly, is that God longs for SSA Christians to aspire to a sexual purity submitted fully to Christ. At the same time, however, God loves Christians who happen to be living with same sex attraction, and He longs to be in relationship with them. Is God Anti-Gay? first appeared in 2013 and has sold over 200,000 copies. This second edition is revised and expanded.

image of the cover of the book purposeful sexuality

Purposeful Sexuality: A Short Christian Introduction

Ed Shaw, 2021

In just 70 pages, pastor Ed Shaw reintroduces Christian sexuality for a new generation of believers. Rather than viewing sex as an indispensable cornerstone of our lives, Shaw proposes that we think of sex and sexuality purposefully. Our sexual nature, he states, is not only for marital union and childbearing but also for appreciating God more deeply, especially as the bridegroom to whom all believers in Christ have been betrothed. "At present," he writes, "we are just walking down the aisle of history on our way to be married to him. Like all good bridegrooms, he is smiling at us down the aisle, encouraging us to keep going until we are standing right by his side." The SSA Christian will find much hope and encouragement in this book.

image of the cover of the book sexuality and the gospel

Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God's Grand Story

Christopher Yuan, 2018

In this bright, encouraging book, Christopher Yuan takes as a point of departure the imago dei — the image of God. For the SSA Christian, sexual restoration means restoration of this image. Among the topics Yuan handles is thequestion of whether SSA people are "born that way", which he dispatches with an impassioned reference to John 3:7: "It doesn't matter whether you think you were born an alcoholic; you must be born again. It doesn't matter whether you think you were born a liar; you must be born again. It doesn't matter whether you think you were born a porn addict; you must be born again. It doesn't matter whether you think you were born with any other sexual sin struggle; you must be born again."

Stories & testimonies


Born Again This Way

Rachel Gilson, 2020

In this powerful and personal book, author Rachel Gilson describes her own unexpected journey of coming out and coming to faith... and what came next. As she does so, she addresses many of the questions that Christians living with same-sex attraction are wrestling with: Am I consigned to a life of loneliness? How do I navigate my friendships? Will my desires ever change? Is there some greater purpose to all this? Drawing on insights from the Bible and the experiences of others, this book provides assurance and encouragement for Christians with same-sex attraction, and paints a compelling picture of discipleship for every believer. 

image of the cover of the book space at the table

Space at the Table: Conversations between an Evangelical Theologian and His Gay Son

Brad and Drew Harper, 2016

This one-of-a-kind book is written in a series of letters between evangelical pastor Brad Harper and his son Drew, who was raised Christian but later left the faith to embrace an LGBT+ lifestyle. Through their letters to each other, Brad and Drew seek and ultimately find a middle ground on which to meet respectfully and with love, yet without compromising their deeply held convictions. The unspoken lesson: it's easier than they thought it would be, but it requires soul-searching, listening, and even humor. This book serves as a compelling model for any conversation on a difficult topic, and reminds us just how far we can walk alongside someone we disagree with, when the love of Christ accompanies us.


A Change of Affection: A Gay Man's Incredible Story of Redemption

Becket Cook, 2019

In A Change of Affection, Becket Cook shares his testimony as someone who was transformed by the power of the gospel. Cook's dramatic conversion to Christianity and subsequent seminary training inform his views on homosexuality--personally, biblically, theologically, and culturally--and in his new book he educates Christians on how to better understand this complex and controversial issue while revealing how to lovingly engage with those who disagree. A timely and indispensable resource for anyone who desires to understand more fully one of the most common and difficult stumbling blocks to faithfully following Christ today.


A War of Loves: The Unexpected Story of a Gay Activist Discovering Jesus

David Bennett, 2018

As a young gay man, David Bennett saw Christianity as an enemy to freedom for LGBTQ+ people, and his early experiences with prejudice and homophobia led him to become a gay activist. But when Jesus came into his life in a highly unexpected way, he was led down a path he never would have predicted or imagined. In A War of Loves, David recounts his dramatic story, from his early years exploring new age religions and French existentialism to his university experiences as an activist. Following supernatural encounters with God, he embarked on a journey not only of seeking to reconcile his faith and sexuality but also of discovering the higher call of Jesus Christ.

image of the cover of the book washed and waiting

Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality

Wesley Hill, 2016

In this expanded and updated edition, theologian and professor Wesley Hill outlines biblical morality and applies it astutely to the experience of Christians who experience same sex attraction. Through teaching and testimony, the author makes the biblical case for sexual celibacy. "In the solitude of our celibacy," he states, "God's desiring us, God's wanting us, is enough. The love of God is more valuable than any human relationship." Among the broad range of topics explored are faithfulness, perseverance, sacrificial love, and the blessings that SSA Christians experience even in the midst of their struggle to live in sexual purity.

image of the cover of the book gay girl good god

Gay Girl, Good God

Jackie Hill Perry, 2018

In this book, Jackie Hill Perry shares her journey from identifying as a lesbian to embracing God's design for sexuality. Raised in a loving family, Jackie struggled with same sex atrtraction and eventually accepted a gay identity. However, through a powerful encounter with God, she came to know God's goodness in a new way. With vulnerability and insight, Jackie explores themes of identity, sin, and redemption, offering hope to Christians who wrestle with same sex attraction.

image of the cover of the book single gay christian

Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity

Gregory Coles, 2017

Gregory Coles' walk through same sex attraction is rich with human joys and sorrows. It is a story, intelligently and gently told, that any SSA Christian will find something to relate to. In the midst of his testimony are his lyrical, pognant reflections on being called to a life of sexual celibacy. For example, on scripture, he writes: "[W]e have to love it enough to let it prove us wrong. And at the same time, we have to love it enough to let it tell us what we don't want to hear." On SSA: "Being gay didn't mean God had rejected me. Maybe it was just a thorn in my flesh, an invitation to frailty, a unique kind of weakness. And maybe that weakness was also a unique kind of strength, a unique invitation to delight."

image of the cover of the book tenderness

Tenderness: A Gay Christian's Guide to Unlearning Rejection and Experiencing God's Extravagant Love

Eve Tushnet, 2021

In Tenderness, Eve Tushnet explores what it means to be an SSA Christian in a world that condones and affirms same-sex relationships. Tushnet argues that same-sex-attracted Christians can cultivate tenderness and intimacy with others while still adhering to traditional Christian doctrine on sexuality. She offers practical advice for navigating relationships, community, and one's own desires in a way that honors one's faith. The book is a compassionate and nuanced look at the complexities of SSA Christian life.

image of the cover of the book longing for intimacy

Longing for Intimacy: A Memoir of Desire and Sexuality

Amy Riordan, 2018

This book describes the author's personal journey as she navigates her same sex attraction as a Christian woman. She recounts her struggles with shame, self-doubt, and the pressures to conform to traditional religious expectations. Amy Riordan explores intimacy, desire, and identity, and offers a vulnerable and honest account of how she found freedom in Christ. The book is a powerful reflection on the need for authenticity and acceptance in our sexual lives—even as we seek Christ with all our hearts.

Christian life & practice


The Gift of Thorns: Jesus, the Flesh, and the War for Our Wants

A.J. Swoboda, 2024

Near the end of the story of humanity's rebellion, the theme of "thorns" is introduced. As readers will discover, the thematic repetition of "thorns" pops up over and over throughout the Bible. What are the thorns for? They will be, in the words of God, "for you" (Gen. 3:18). The premise of this book is that a world where we do not get all that we want is the greatest gift ever. Readers with same sex atrraction will take great encouragement from this book, especially in the chapters on "Unwanted desire" and "Killing desire."


Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing

Jay Stringer, 2018

Many of us feel ashamed and undesirable after years of sexual brokenness and addiction. The guilt and stigma surrounding sexual struggles can paralyze us and keep us from seeking help and healing. Author Jay Stringer approaches these sensitive subjects with gentleness and understanding. Based on original research from over 3,800 men and women, Unwanted is a groundbreaking resource that explores the “why” behind self-destructive sexual choices in order to help readers work towards freedom. 

The Church

image of the cover of the book the plausibility problem

The Plausibility Problem: The Church and Same-Sex Attraction

Ed Shaw, 2015

This deeply thoughtful, honest book charts pastor Ed Shaw's journey through his experience of SSA to a deeper faith in Christ. The book is organized not into chapters but "missteps," which include "Your identity is your sexuality", "A family is mum, dad, and children", "If you're born gay, it can't be wrong to be gay", "Sex is where true intimacy is found," and others. But the greatest misstep, as Shaw sees it, is that some evangelicals define themselves as sinners rather than saints, "as those in constant rebellion against God rather than his permanently adopted children."

(Sorry, no Kindle edition)
image of the cover of the book the culture wars

Christ and the Culture Wars: Speaking for Jesus in a World of Identity Politics

Ben Chang, 2023

Rather than jumping right into commentary on the various culture wars confronting Christians today, Ben Chang devotes the first 80 pages of his book to an overview of the social movements at the root of these conflicts. They include: feminism, racial justice, LGBT+ pride, and trans rights. This section is handled with fairness and finesse, and in an age of factional thinking and mindsets, it is a welcome and thorough introduction. In the second half of the book, Chang explores the Christian response to these issues, laying out the pros and cons of three responsive strategies: mirroring (echoing assertions of fault), arguing, and ignoring. Chang proposes that the rise of identity politics—a relatively new phenomenon—calls for a rethinking of Christian evangelism to address the flaws of identity politics smartly and compassionately.

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Recommended websites

Harvest USA logo

Harvest USA provides support and teaching for Christians dealing with many different types of sexual sin, including SSA. They have a "sexual discipleship" program and an active blog with instructional videos. Based in Pennsylvania.

logo of center for biblical manhood and womanhood

Founded in 1987, the Louisville-based Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood promotes the restoration of biblical morality in churches at all levels of pastoral practice. Site resources include the CBMW podcast, and numerous authoritative articles, as well as the journal Eikon

True Freedom Trust logo

True Freedom Trust has served SSA Christians in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1977. With an emphasis on teaching and community, True Freedom Trust equips SSA Christians to hold firm to biblical teaching. Hosts the "Ascend Higher" podcast.

Living Out logo

Living Out is a British organization that seeks to help Christians live out their sexuality in Christlike fullness, through an energetic teaching ministry that equips pastors, churches, and laypeople. They also host a podcast.

image of Wesley Hill

Spiritual Friendship is a very active blog edited by Wesley Hill and Ron Belgau. It hosts lively commentary on current issues and questions to encourage the walk of SSA Christians.

image of Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry's webpage includes information about his books, articles, and ministry. Sam also has many articles on Christian theology posted at The Gospel Coalition.

image of Gregory Coles

Gregory Coles' homepage has inspiring interviews, Q&A's, and articles related to all aspects of the SSA Christian experience, as well as information about his books and ongoing projects.

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