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If you are hurting and are contemplating suicide or self-harm, please reach out to RemedyLive (24/7).

Young Man

Support for LGBTQ+ adults

Would you like help discovering or rediscovering your identity in Jesus Christ? We offer confidential, compassionate support rooted in scripture. Talk with us about things like:

  • loneliness

  • sexual identity

  • spiritual pain

  • family issues

  • restoring faith

  • discipleship

  • Bible-related questions

  • unwanted sexual habits

Holding Hands

Support for churches and organizations

Let us help you energize your church or organization to provide compassionate, timely support and love to LGBTQ+ adults. We can help you:

  • make sense of controversies regarding same sex attraction and cut to the core of the issues that matter most;

  • identify the best ways to support, strengthen, and encourage LGBTQ+ adults within a culture of sexual purity that is both truthful and compassionate;

  • provide love and support to an LGBTQ+ person while remaining true to biblical teaching.

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